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"The VideoSource book is extremely useful. Our customers come into the store and look for titles all the time. I had one guy in here this morning looking at it for 30 minutes, and he took home a handful of DVD’s!"

Video Ezy Toronto

Listing in TSA Database

The TSA database is the core from which DVD product data and digital content is distributed and then incorporated into many of Australia's Websites, DVD Kiosks, Franchise Groups, Wholesalers, Retail Stores, Video Hire Stores, Point of Sale Systems, Purchasing, Inventory and Billing systems

Eleven good reasons why you should be listed in the TSA Database

  1. Instant exposure of your company and products to major stakeholders in the Industry.
  2. Viewed positively by Channel Partners - Distributor seen as supporting an initiative which helps them maximise sales and achieve greater cost efficiencies
  3. Increased consumer spend - through more pervasive marketing content for products
  4. Boosts sales with higher inventory turn - through heightened exposure of back catalogue
  5. Reduces costs - Reduction of support issues surrounding content provision to partners
  6. Effective distribution of product information and promotions through an existing network
  7. Customers are spared from the onerous task of keying-in product codes, prices and descriptions into their business systems, and maintaining that product item in their database.
  8. Customers have access to product and price information enabling them to promote, order and sell your product even if they do not have it in stock, or carry it regularly.
  9. The TSA database feed is the primary source for obtaining product data and prices for many online and bricks and mortar operators.
  10. Increases Channel base - lower cost of content acquisition encourages new entrants
  11. Peace of mind - Products are represented correctly, accurately, and consistently

To submit a listing, please call (07) 3376 6944