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"Price maintenance would be an onerous task without TRASER ®"

Geoff Santos
Conest Systems Manager, Stowe Australia Pty Ltd - Victoria

Electrical Manufacturers and Distributors

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Trade Service of Australia (TSA) is the leading Independent provider of Electrical Price and Product Information in Australia. Over the past 25 years the company has earned the trust of thousands of Industry Stakeholders through the provision of Data Services, Publications and Business applications.

TSA products and services are used daily in estimating, inventory control, billing, product specification, and purchasing activities by hundreds of Electrical Contracting firms, Wholesalers, Engineers and Estimators throughout Australia.

Clients include - Stowe Australia, KLM Group, Downer EDI, MIE (Monadelphous), Active Electrical Wholesalers, John Goss Projects, New South Wales Dept of Services & Technology, Fredon Industries, Queensland Rail, GHD and many, many more.

What we do...

We obtain pricing and product information from you, the numerous manufacturers/importers/distributors/vendors of electrical and data products in Australia. Our Product Content Managers process the data and channel it into the TSA SQL production databases. Product data is now cleansed, integrated and stored in a consistent and standardised format, then extended into various Business systems, programs, catalogues and print publications which are distributed to clients. Currently we track over 400,000 items, covering approximately 200 Brands (download a list of current Brands here). New Brands are added regularly at the request of manufacturers and clients.

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SIX good reasons why you should be listed in the TSA Database
The TSA database is the core from which product data is distributed and then incorporated into many of major Australian Contracting firms’ estimating, purchasing, inventory and billing systems, and Wholesale firms' order processing systems...

TSA Codes
Successful electronic trading and communication of product related data between computer systems requires the widespread adoption and use of a universal standard product coding system, enabling each trading partners’ system to recognise the products. As the only independent supplier of product data in the Electrical and DataComms Industry in Australia we have embarked on developing a comprehensive product coding system to enable successful electronic trading...

Marketing Services
Ensure that your brand is at the forefront when Contractors are searching for products. We are able to provide a powerful marketing package to support all brands listed in the TSA database...