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"Active Electrical has been using TRASER ® for 13 years since opening, and have found it to be a reliable and easy system to use. The customer service people at Trade Service have always been helpful in resolving any technical problems that have occurred. I highly recommend Trade Service of Australia to any business."

Tony Wood
Active Electrical Distributors

TRASER® for Other Users

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TRASER ® is a widely used software application, which features the Industries most current and complete database of electrical material items. It covers over 240,000 items from approximately 200 suppliers. The TRASER ® database offers the wide coverage needed to answer sales enquiries and provide quotes at the sales counter, even if you don't have the item in stock. You have the benefit of giving your staff the ability to quickly and easily provide customers with an accurate Trade or Buy Price. In addition back office staff can reference TRASER for ordering and billing purposes using details in TRASER such as manufacturer and catalogue number.

The TRASER ® Databases not has the ability to keep your stock file right up to date, you also have access to the full database enabling you to respond to every enquiry with a quote.

Benefits of using TRASER ® with your Business and Financial applications

  • Saves time and hassle - No need to process supplier price files in-house, no more scrambling to find product info when dealing with a customer enquiry. Makes invoicing and purchasing a simpler task for back office staff.
  • Improves accuracy - Material pricing and product availability is kept correct and up-to-date within TRASER ® and your Business applications. Ensures that you are invoicing out correctly based on current price.
  • Eases Decision making - Ability to cross-reference and compare products when you are dealing with enquiries, producing invoices, and preparing quotes.
  • Consistency - Consistency of data throughout the system makes administration and book-keeping easier, no random creation of multiple stock items for the same physical product.
  • Peace of mind - Knowledge that pricing is sourced direct from the manufacturer and delivered by a long standing, trustworthy and Independent Provider.

Advantages of working with TSA's Data Service

  • Data from many sources
  • Data in different formats
  • Need to chase suppliers
  • Data not checked
  • Data needs to be keyed in

  • Data from one source
  • Data in consistent format
  • Data arrives regularly
  • Data checked and verified
  • Loaded onto your system

Features of TRASER ®

  • Integration with Business and Financial applications, including Point-of-Sale and inventory systems
  • Powerful search capabilities with ability to look-up on item Description, Catalogue Number, Australian Product Number (Barcode), commodity codes, or User defined Codes
  • Easy manipulation of data and export to Excel
  • Easy creation of unique material lists with your unique codes
  • Twice-monthly pricing updates
  • Correct pricing and Product Information direct from Manufacturers
  • Commodity coded for similar items search
  • Capacity to apply pricing discounts for more accurate invoicing and quoting
  • Ability to ‘cut and paste’ product item rows from TRA-SER ® and ‘drop’ them into your applications
  • Item list creation and reporting
  • Capability to add items and track products that aren’t listed in the TRASER ® database
  • Extensive context sensitive Help
  • Comprehensive Support