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"Price maintenance would be an onerous task without TRASER ®"

Geoff Santos
Conest Systems Manager, Stowe Australia Pty Ltd - Victoria

eDataFeed for Wholesalers

Automate the labour-intensive process of maintaining your product master file. Our eDataFeed provides pricing and product information in flexible formats that can integrate with all the major wholesaler Point-of-sale and inventory business systems. Weekly and on-demand updates via our FTP server provide a reliable, automated, and convenient updating process. Regardless of the business system you have deployed, we have a product and price information updating service that will work for you.

Advantages of working with TSA's eDataFeed Service

  • Data from many sources
  • Data in different formats
  • Need to chase suppliers
  • Data not checked
  • Data needs to be keyed in

  • Data from one source
  • Data in consistent format
  • Data arrives regularly
  • Data checked and verified
  • Loaded onto your system

eDataFeed - Using a standardised feed to fuel your systems

  • eDataFeed automatically populates business systems with accurate pricing for 240,000 electrical products from 200 manufacturers.
  • Its flexible format can be seamlessly integrated with most major business systems, providing employees with immediate access to current and reliable pricing information.
  • eDataFeed’s weekly and on-demand updates via our FTP subscription server, permanently reduces costs by alleviating the burden of manual updates.
  • Details of database contents are available on request.
  • Data format details and test data are available to software developers.

Benefits of using eDataFeed

  • Saves time and hassle - No need to process supplier price files in-house, no more scrambling to find product info when dealing with a customer enquiry. Makes quoting, invoicing and purchasing a simpler task for all staff.
  • Improves accuracy - Material pricing and product availability is kept correct and up-to-date. Ensures that you are invoicing out correctly based on current price. Even a wholesalers most inexperienced employee can save valuable time by having access to the product information they require, to complete their work correctly and efficiantly.
  • Eases Decision making - Ability to cross-reference and compare products when you are dealing with enquiries, producing invoices, and preparing quotes.
  • Consistency - Consistency of data throughout the system makes inventory control, administration and accounting simpler, no random creation of multiple stock items for the same physical product.
  • Peace of mind - Knowledge that pricing is sourced direct from the manufacturer and delivered by a long standing, trustworthy and Independent Provider.
  • Increased efficiency – Accurate and automatic updating of prices, descriptions, catalogue numbers, and other mission critical data elements.
  • Easily sell non-stock items – Access a complete electronic catalog of all the items you sell, in stock or not.